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“If you have a longing to know what it means to be the disciple of an enlightenend mystic, this book will be a fascinating adventure for you.”
Anand Subhuti

“Reading this takes me straight into the experience of being part of an experiment in communal living around a unique enlightened mystic. Punya tells it from the perspective of a very ordinary member of the community (a refreshing change from the numerous books detailing special relationships/meetings with Osho). The details of her life, work, meditations and spiritual insights are cataloged in (Swiss) detail, so that the reader begins to participate in the transformations she goes through and feel what it was like to yo-yo between making money in straight jobs in the West and living in the presence of an unpredictable and uncompromising Master.”
Chinmaya Dunster

“Reading this wonderful book, one comes to realize how vibrantly the commune around Osho functioned, how the master worked on the seekers individually and collectively and enhanced the spiritual maturity of anyone open and committed to his vision and work.”
Satya Vedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi)

“Punya manages to convey the essence of how Osho’s various communes functioned as  mystery schools – using work and relationships, as well as meditations, to persuade us to look deeply into the structure of our own consciousness.”
Pankaja Brooke

“Punya’s narrative meanders through time and space in a style that has a lyrical, musical harmony, like that of a river flowing from place to place.”
Roshani Shay, Ph.D.

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