Chapter 1 – Yes, This Is It!

At Breakfast
Morning Discourse

Koregaon Park
meditating in Buddha Hall
grandparents and me with baby crow
our art class with teacher, Hansjörg Mattmüller
school friends Urs Lüthi and David Weiss
with BF Bica on holiday in Italy
Palace Hotel in Mt. Abu (today)
Osho leading a meditation
my sannyas certificate
Osho in Woodland
Osho in Woodland
Touching the feet of the master
darshan on the lawn
Morning discourse on the porch
darshan on the lawn
Osho in garden with towel
Kundalini in Krishna House garden
photo model: sister Annamaria
snapshot of sister Kätti
Mother, one of my photo models
1969 at advertising agency

1. First Dynamic Meditation on Chawpatti Beach, Mumbai – Taking Sannyas in Woodlands – Meditation Camp in Mt. Abu – Work and Uni in Milan – Remembering Grandparents and Mother, grammar school and art school in Switzerland – Osho moves to Pune, 21st March 1974 and ashram opens there – Meditation retreat in Lonavala – Goa, Hampi – Osho’s Birthday Celebration

2. Koregaon Park – Dynamic – Morning discourse

Chapter 2 – East, West and Back Again


morning discourse in Chuang Tzu
sniffing before darshan
Osho walking into Chuang Tzu
goofing around in Geneva
with Mukul in the Geneva dojo
Vasant with sleeping Siddhartha in darshan
Osho with towel in his garden
Osho holding a departure box
Lao Tzu gate, in the morning
Morning discourse in Chuang Tzu
Osho explains new name
Osho wearing Chinese hat (from Geneva)

1. Arihant meditation centre in Milan – First meditation weekend in Tuscany – Travelling overland to Pune – Morning discourse in Chuang Tzu – Running Deeksha’s Centre in Geneva and passing it on to Gayatri

2. Devavani and Nadabrahma Meditation

Chapter 3 – Surrender

Heart Dance
Sex, Love and Friendship

sitting silently in Osho's samadhi
Osho guiding the evening meditation
playing shaker in Heart Dance
silk screen department on the roof
cleaning in the kitchen
Vrindavan crew
Vrindavan tea garden
Mariam Canteen
music group
music group darshan
Blick article
Staircase in Jesus House
My bed under the window
Samya's bed also with drawers on castors
Mukul and Yashodara cooking, Sagar and Deeksha in background
"And now feel prayerful."
Music Group singers
Aneeta leads Sufi Dance in Buddha Hall


1: Moving into the ashram to stay ‘forever’ – Deeksha’s kitchen: storeroom, counter, cleaning – Looking for love – Evening darshan

2: Making up a song for Heart Dance – Let-go meditation – Osho’s samadhi – Moving to London

Chapter 4 – Hits

Vegetables 100mph
Hot Croissants and Afternoon Tea
On the Very Edge
Finding My Own Light
Vimalkirti Departing

Staerough, our hill, in the Scottish Borders
Preparing bread
Watching the wood oven with Veetmaya (Ageha in background)
Boss of one shift in MG Road bakery
Punya's and Renuka's shifts
Deeksha with Sukavi
Osho sends off Vimalkirti
Vimalkirti's samadhi and his daughter Tanya
Deeksha gives orders
Energy darshan
Nirvano gives mala to Osho
Osho gives sannyas initiation
Music Group darshan
Osho sends off his father
Osho leaves Buddha Hall

1: Vegetable cutting, accounts, MG Road bakery – Osho initiating into sannyas – Celebrations – Time in hospital and our ward – Vimalkirti’s death

2: Moving to Scotland

Chapter 5 – In the Desert

The New Commune
Breaking Down
Watching the Clouds
The Big Muddy

'On the top' - Cheviot Hills
On Staerough Hill
Amiten's exhibition in Edinburgh, 2000
Saswad Castle inauguration
our fort in Saswad
Dr. Amrit
Saswad Castle serving line
Satyananda at his typewriter
the cows in Saswad
the Saswad dining room
My last energy darshan
Satsang meditation with Osho
satsang in Buddha Hall
Transcribing an interview at Gyandip Centre Zurich
Zurich Centre Meeting with Sheila
Zurich centre meeting with Sheila
Mother and Father just after they got married
With sisters at Grandfather's summer house
with sisters and Grandfather
“Whatever you can see from here belongs to our Ranch.”

1. Setting up the kitchen in the Saswad commune and closing it down again – Osho talks about Italians – Leaving Pune and moving to Zurich – Donation event for the Ranch in Oregon – Memories from childhood while visiting Grandfather before going to Rajneeshpuram

2. Meditation and Reiki centre in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh, where Amiten starts painting

Chapter 6 – Celebration

Finishing off
Coping with the Media Coverage

ponds near Twinkie trailer
downtown Rajneeshpuram; restaurant, barn and Post Office
erecting tent platforms
tents for celebration participants
tents for Festival accommodation and catering
A-frame factory
A-frames at Walt Whitman
floating tower in Krishnamurti Lake
cooking for Festival participants
river bank restoration
new footbridge
Pickers at the vegetable farm Rajneeshpuram 1985
bird symbol on Krishnamurti Dam (Oregonian)
The Rolls Royce photo (Corbis)
Rajneesh Currency Card
Osho swapping cars
Gayan dancing for Osho
Quadruplexes at Alan Watts
Girl on front loader
Demonstration in Portland
Demonstration in Italy

1. Learning facts and figures to become a tour guide of the Ranch – The First Annual World Celebration – Back to work ‘in the world’ in Zurich – Update of facts before the Second World Celebration – Osho’s drive-bys – Living in Walt Whitman and Alan Watts valleys – Filing press-clippings and accompanying photographers for the Twinkies – The photo of the Rolls Royces – AIDS press release

2. Pune, year 2000, working in the bookshop

Chapter 7 – Worship

Temples and Gachchhamis

entrance to the commune
bookshop in Pune
path along Buddha Hall
Meeting of the White Robe Brotherhood
Dynamic Meditation in Rajneesh Mandir
Jesus Grove and Hotel
Townhouses and bridge
RBG - Rajneesh Buddhafield Garage
gachchhamis at end of the day
Buddha Grove townhouses
Zorba the Buddha Café in Antelope
townhouses in winter

1. Taxi ‘Gemini’ – First crystal – Driving taxis – Foundation and firewall crew – Hostess on the coaches

2. Bookshop window decorating

Chapter 8 – Play

On Four Wheels Again
Shakers, Drums and Claves

musicians at drive-by
Sannyasins wait for Osho drive-by outside Mall
Osho dancing in Jesus Grove
Volodya and Bhavito playing for Osho
Osho in jail, with nurse Lisa Parker
Osho in shackles
Osho steps out of plane
Osho leaving the Ranch by plane
RBT coach leaving Rajneeshpuram
our crematorium
Osho's room in Rajneeshpuram
visiting California
Osho in Kulu Manali
Osho giving a discourse in Crete
Osho arrested in Greece
Osho in Uruguay

1. Breaks fail on coach from Portland – I become a yellow bus driver – Third Annual World Celebration – Playing music at drive-by – Arrival and departure of the homeless people – Osho speaks again – Lazarus’s Death Celebration at our crematorium – Fourth Annual World Celebration – Work in Magdalena and Hassid Cafeteria – Sheela leaves the Ranch – Osho’s arrest – Return to Switzerland – Osho in Greece – Revisiting the Ranch – Osho talks in Juhu Beach, Mumbai

2. Kuber – Playing for Mahamudra and Nataraj Meditation

Chapter 9 – Yaa-Hoo!

An Enlightened Drum

Osho greets audience in Buddha Hall
Osho wearing sunglasses
Osho visiting the Multiversity Plaza
Nivedano beating the drum
Sannyas celebration in Buddha Hall
Playing for sannyas celebration, Avinash on violin
Circle in pyramid group room
At the mixing desk

1. Osho moves to Pune – Osho, after recovering from a grave illness, talks about his time in jail – Yaa-hoo! salute – The Mystic Rose meditative therapy – In love with music – Meeting the enlightened drum – Compilation ‘Art Expressed through Meditation’ – Osho’s poisoned body – Maitreya

2. Playing for Oshoba – New mixing desk

Chapter 10 – The Gateless Gate

The Song of the Waterfall
In the Depth of Meditation
Not Returning to Marin County

Osho in the garden
Meeting of the White Robe Brotherhood
Osho showering rose petals on Tamo-san
Osho's body brought to Buddha Hall
Osho's body on the funeral pyre
Return of the ashes
Return of the ashes
Ganga bakes Chinese symbols
Heart Dance with Neera in Miasto
playing at Miasto Music Festival
Giving a psychic reading in Miasto
Morning concert with Devakant and Joshua
Yuki, Anugama, Joshua, Punya, Neera, Maduro, Bindu, Kamal, Jamie
Yuki, Ravi, Punya, Pramada, Neera, Harida, Jamie
Master Qui Zheng Ping giving a demostration
painting exhibition in Pune
Walking over the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle
At Loch Katherine near Glasgow
with Amiten

1. Hearing Tamo-san sing – Sammasati, Osho’s last words – Mourning my mother’s death – “Osho!s” – Welcome Centre with Lani – Osho leaves his body – Psychic Readings and Reiki – Miasto Music Festival – Viareggio, Munich, Lugano, Mill Valley – Father’s death – Start painting and writing in Pune

2. Newcastle – Greenock – Glasgow

Photos of Osho © Osho Foundation International